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NVIDIA RTX A2000 Enterprise 12GB 41MH/s 70W


NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture

3,328 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores

104 NVIDIA® Tensor Cores

26 NVIDIA® RT Cores

6GB/12GB GDDR6 Memory with ECC

Up to 288GB/s Memory Bandwidth

Max. Power Consumption: 70W

Ethash Perforance: 41 MH/s

Graphics Bus: PCI-E 4.0 x16

Thermal Solution: Active

Display Connectors: mDP 1.4 (4)

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty


GPU Architecture: NVIDIA Ampere Architecture

CUDA Parallel Processing cores: 3,328

NVIDIA Tensor Cores: 104

NVIDIA RT Cores: 26

Single-Precision Performance1 8 TFLOPS

RT Core Performance1: 15.6 TFLOPS

Tensor Performance1: 63.9 TFLOPS2

GPU memory: 6 GB GDDR6 with ECC | 12 GB GDDR with ECC

Memory Interface: 192-bit

Memory Bandwidth: 288 GB/s

Max Power Consumption: 70 W

Graphics Bus: PCI Express 4.0 x 16

Display Connectors: mDP 1.4 (4)3

Form Factor: 2.713”H x 6.6”L Dual Slot

Product Weight: 294 g (Low Profile Bracket)

                306 g (ATX Bracket)

Thermal Solution: Active

NVENC | NVDEC: 1x | 1x (+AV1 decode)