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ModuleBox V4 Smart Aircooled Container

Size: 20 Footer

Certification: 20HC-cUL

Quantity of units: 210

Phone App Management: Normal


Item Module Box V4

Inner size (mm): 11000mm x 2100mm x 2860mm

Outside size (mm): 12192mm x 2438mm x 2896mm

Capacity: 210 / 420 sets S19 pro

Standard cULus / ETL

Operating power (kw) 540kw~830kw

Voltage/frequency 350V~480V AC 50~60Hz

master switch(A) 1260

Shelves 1100*400mm, 6 floors

switch (A) 16AC

420 pieces

Water curtain 16-32 pieces

Cold and hot isolation plate 9-18 pieces


Function Loss of voltage protection: When the power is suddenly cut off due to some external reasons, the power can be cut off automatically;'

Phase loss protection: When one phase of the three-phase power supply is disconnected, the three-phase equipment will reduce the output power and cannot work normally, or cause accidents. Therefore, some important equipment need to add phase loss protection device.

Undervoltage protection: refers to the action of the protection appliance when the line voltage is reduced to the critical level, and its task is mainly to prevent the equipment from burning up due to overload.

Automatic reclosing switch:It is a device that automatically re-closes the circuit breaker after it has been separated due to a fault, using a mechanical device or relay automatic device.

Remote System

Global remote control, custom on/off schedule.

Custom socket power usage record inquiry.

Overall safety certification by China Classification Society.

Overall CE certification/cUL safety certification.

The power supply network is isolated from the miner network, eliminating background fee collection.