BE ADVISED THIS MODEL REQUIRES A DRY COOLING TOWER FOR FLUID EXCHANGE. If you do not wish to source them locally due to shipping costs and lead times, the options are listed below: $3,530 USD for 20 ton tower (40kw cabinet)

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BOX 40KW 8-Unit Immersion Cooling Tank


Capacity 40 KW

Order quantity (MOQ) 1

Dimensions 1336*1070*950mm

Dimension 860*741*485mm

Net Weight 185/KG

Parameters (Take S19 series as an example) ‎8

Major switch capacity 80A

Rated current 80A

Input voltage 380V~415V AC 50/60HZ

Operating power 40KW

Coolant consumption 180L


An immersion cooling box is small in size, easy to install, and space-saving. It can be used in ordinary office space, with good cooling effect and high cooling efficiency.

According to the number and power of servers, the vertically-assembled immersion cooling container can be reassembled vertically to use in larger places.

Can be channeled as a secondary utilization of heat energy.

2 year manufacturer parts replacement warranty.

Can hold 8 S19-type format ASICs from various brands.

5.65%~80% of the heat generated by mining can be used to provide heat for local communities, offices, and other places to achieve secondary energy utilization.