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Antminer ASIC Repair Diagnostic Tool


Diagnostics more than 30 hash-board models:

L3+, S9, S9k, S9se, S11, Z11, Z15, DR5, S15, T15, S17, T17, S17 pro, T17 pro, S17+, T17+, S17e, T17e, S19, T19, S19 pro, S19j, S19j pro, S19 al, D7, L7, L5, S19a,

S19a pro, S19i, S19+, S19j pro (no pic).

Helps determine and locate faulty chip on the hashboard.

Flashes EEPROM without removing the device from the shelf.

EEPROM editing, hashboard model auto-detection, the ability to record your serial number.

Saves you time and money. Must-have for the amateur miner to large operations.

2 year replacement warranty.



Exact map of chip placement.

Chip map mimics the real miner hash-board, therefore saving your time on looking for faulty chip on every repair. You just need to find the highlighted one and start diagnostics!

You don't have to remember every chip placement or look at the scheme every time. Our map will do that for you.If you repair around 50 chips per day, this function will help to save up to 1 hour, meaning you will be able to perform more repairs!


Web interface displays history of all malfunctioning chips during the test. You will be able to get the information on:

What exact chip is faulty right at that moment;

Number of failures in every exact chip;

Whole test operation history, including all faulty chips;

At the end of the test you will get a full recap on damaged chips;

This function would make it impossible for you to miss a malfunction, and will make repairs more convenient, demonstrative and reliable.


Asic Repair Center doesn't look for temperature sensors in certain chips. It scans the whole hash-board instead, making it possible to get the temperature data even from malfunctioning boards. Engineer will be alerted in cases of overheating. If the temperature gets to critical, the test will be shut down automatically.


The model of the board can be changed with lightning speed! Just turn the selector on the tester or pick the model you need from the according menu in the web interface and you are ready to go. You no longer need to have several testers and switch between them. You don't need to swap SD cards and wait for tester to load, wasting your time. Now you can just turn the selector knob! If you repair and support more then one model, it will save another hour a day!


Current firmware version and the availability of updates are shown in web interface. You can update just by pressing a single button. No need to download anything or deal with update instructions. You will never be worried about figuring out how to test new miner model ever again. Just press the "Update" button. ASIC Repair Center will handle the rest.


Intuitive Wi-Fi settings interface. Forget about the lan-cables! Asic Repair Center works and updates perfectly using Wi-Fi 802.11n, meaning it can be mobile!


All status data is shown on the display of the tester. ASIC Repair Center can be used even without the web interface. You still won't miss any information.


Asic Repair Center is powered by a standard USB type-c, which means you can power it from any adapter, laptop or even a powerbank! You don't need another power adapter, we'll give mobility and movement freedom instead!