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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5975WX


The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX has 32 cores with 64 threads and is based on the 4. gen of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO series. This desktop processor uses a mainboard with the WRX8 (sWRX8) socket and was released in Q1 2022.


Generation: 4

Predecessor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX

CPU Cores / Threads: 32 / 64

Core Architecture: Normal

Cores: 32x

Frequency: 3.60 GHz

Turbo Frequency (1 Core): 4.50 GHz

Turbo Frequency (32 Cores): 4.00 GHz

Memory Type: DDR4-3200

Max. Memory: 2048 GB

Memory Channels: 8

Bandwidth: 204.8 GB/s

PCIe: 4.0 x 128

Instruction set (ISA): x86-64 (64 bit)